True Timeshare Stories

A Typical Timeshare Story

My parents owned a few timeshares; hence I can relate to everything. They had a great experience with the first one. When the next tour came around, they didn’t think twice about getting another timeshare; however, the timeshare industry had changed by that point.

It was a life-long contract that didn’t stop with them. It would get passed down after they had passed on. Their maintenance fees started going up yearly, and availability decreased. When they had gone on the tour, there was even a little model of a new building with new amenities, like a playground and a water park. They were told they were getting ready to build that, and it should be done within the following year. Five years later, they still hadn’t even started building it because it was a lie. They used that as another tool to pull my parents in.

– A. Johnson, IA
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Accidents Can Change Your Life

My husband and I owned five timeshares as we love to travel with our grown kids. Everything changed when my husband broke his back. He never recovered because of complications with his diabetes, and we lost half of our income because of this accident.

I didn’t know what to do because the timeshare companies kept billing us. We couldn’t afford them any longer. My kids couldn’t help or take over the timeshares either. I called the timeshare companies, which didn’t help at all. They had no empathy. We started getting threatening letters. I had to do something right away, or they were taking us to court.

On top of that, two of our timeshares also started sending special assessment bills. I guess it was because of the damage they sustained in storms. We just kept falling further into the hole.

– D. Williams, Fl

I Had No Idea They Could Do That

My mom and dad owned several timeshares and initially enjoyed them until the car accident that killed them both. They didn’t have time or make the time to figure out what to do about the timeshare(s) before this happened. I mean, who could tell? I am their only son, and I had just gotten diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. It was progressing fast.

At first, I thought it was an excellent thing to inherit the timeshare(s). I thought I could sell them, enabling me to pay for my medication. I soon found out that no one wanted them. I even tried to sell them online on eBay. I was shocked to find out they aren’t even worth a quarter. You can’t give them away!

By this time, my disease was progressing quickly. I went on disability. I was anxious to receive my inheritance from the probate court to help me out. I got a letter stating that one of the timeshares had put a lien on my legacy, which kept it from settling.

That was four years ago…

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“Shawna, just getting back to you to let you know how pleased we were with your services. You guys did a great job, and we’re grateful for getting us out of this mess. If we hear of anyone needing your help, we’ll certainly tell them about you. Again, thank you for all you did, and Happy New Year to you all.”

– Connie & Robert

“​Hey, just wanted to say thank you! I think the work your company offers is beneficial and meaningful. Giving people the option to opt out is truly a remarkable feeling for individuals like myself. It allows an opportunity for closure.”

– Sandy, IA
“You were honest and clear in your presentation.”

– Joan D, NJ

“Thank you for finally helping us get this “timeshare” junk behind us. We were never able to do what we will do this coming weekend with the timeshares, i.e., decide at the last moment to go somewhere, pay a little more for a three-day weekend and get a reservation instantly. Plus, of course, saving us a bunch in the future on maintenance fees for years and then sticking our daughter with the same slow bleeding.”

– A & D, FL

​”Ok, so now I’m a believer! Receiving the letter stating, “Your timeshare termination has been completed and confirmed by your home resort,” has lifted my spirits! If I ever decide to terminate another one, you guys will be on my only call! Thank you so much! Be sure to use me as a reference!”

– XXOO Leslie
“​Your professionalism, persistence, encouragement, and confidence meant so much!”
– Joan, KY

“​Very good. As a Canadian lawyer, I was at a loss of how to rid myself of a US obligation of no continuing use. You did it!!

– Sam, CAN

“The service and communication throughout the whole process were great. I did not expect all the calls and emails to keep us informed. I was really impressed.”

– C & R, IN

“I am so grateful that SWDT exists; otherwise, I would be paying monthly notes, maintenance fees, and special assessments without knowing anything. The SWDT team was honest enough to explain the process and expectations to me. Timeshare owners, let me ask you a question; “How many of you were told that your maintenance fees would be a perpetual fee that you will need to pay forever, and then it will transfer down to your kids???”

I was one of those timeshare owners that couldn’t even book the week I purchased. I could not use the apartment I thought I was an “owner” of in Las Vegas, even 12 months in advance. This is not something I was told, not what I was expecting, nor should I have had to deal with that blatant misrepresentation.

With this being said, I did not know that a company such as SWDT existed to help. I was initially skeptical; however, they were always there to answer my questions. They were thorough in the process and helpful at every turn. They led me out and took over the work for me. I am thankful for their year’s insight on both sides of the timeshare process. I am happy to say I am timeshare free and highly recommend Southwest Deed, Title, and Termination to anyone!​

– Juan, NM

​”We tried to ‘give’ our timeshares back to Wyndham and Spinnaker, but they wanted more money to cancel and to have us pay all back fees. We are out several thousand with SWDT, but after sparring two years with timeshare companies, we are OUT of both timeshares. This coming weekend, we will be going on a 3-day outing and while we had to pay for it, such a thing was never possible with the timeshare people. Used to have to plan 6 months in advance, and they always had vacancies they did not show us.”

– Carl, IL

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